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Language School

The mission of the German Language School Loreley (GLS Loreley) is to offer students of the community of Durham Region an opportunity to attend comprehensive German language lessons and develop conversational skills embedded with cultural awareness.


Saturday’s at 9:00 a.m to 11:30 a.m
at the Immanuel Christian School
849 Rossland Rd. W, Oshawa


Please send by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or regular mail to:

1004 Ridgemount Blvd,
Oshawa, On
L1K 2K6

Or, in person at school: Sept. 7th, 2013 
Saturday from 8:30 - 9:30 a.m

School Start:

September 7th, 2013. Please see flyer



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Learn German the fun and easy way!


German is the official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. German is the second most popular language to learn in the EU and ranks among the top 10 most frequently languages spoken in the world.



Children Classes

Children taught according to their knowledge level. Beginners are accepted at each age group.



KG to Grade 1

Introduce KG children to German for the first time and connect to others with native German with fun filled activities.

Grade 2 to Grade 4

Children develop basic literacy, including listening and speaking skills, by integrating play, music and crafts. Students are introduced to reading and writing German.   Children do not need any previous exposure to or knowledge of German.

Students work in groups according to their skill level, beginning their German language studies or building upon knowledge learned in previous courses. Emphasis on correct vocabulary, grammar and spelling leads to further development of conversational, reading and writing skills.

Grade 5 to Grade 8

A split-level class for students building upon German learned in previous courses and advancing their skills or beginning their studies.

This class offers a comprehensive education in German language development with emphasis on communication skills and cultural awareness.

In class use of textbooks is free.


Adult Classes

This course is designed for those with no previous or intermediate knowledge of German and will provide a comprehensive language education based on a modern international language curriculum. We will cover authentic pronunciation, speaking, reading, writing and listening including cultural awareness of today’s reality in German speaking countries. You will gain basic conversational skills to communicate with confidence during traveling or various social life situations.

Students from Grade 9 to 12 may participate without earning a high school credit.

In class use of textbooks is free; workbooks are purchased for a small additional cost ($8 to $20 depending on grade level).





Tuition Fees

School Year 2013 / 2014

28 school days - 2 ½ hours per day

Students are welcome to try out classes for one or two weeks free of charge.

Children Tuition $220

Adult Tuition $310

Discount for siblings $20

First time registration fee $10

Payable by cheque or cash on first day of school

(Payments for first term and pre-dated cheque for second term are acceptable)

Children’s Arts Tax Credit is applicable.

Fees subject to change.

The German Language School makes any effort to raise donations in order to support families with low income.

Tuition Fees are not tax deductible but only donations will be responded with an official receipt.

Charitable Org Reg # 81166 6940 RR001






Schuljahr 2013/2014

28 Schultage - 2 ½ Stunden pro Tag

Studierende sind herzlich eingeladen, auszuprobieren Klassen für ein bis zwei Wochen kostenlos.

Kinder Klassen                 $220

Erwachsene                        $310

Rabatt für Geschwister       $20

Erstanmeldung                     $10

Gebühren Müssen am Ersten Schultag in bar oder mit persönlichem prüfen bezahlt Werden, aber Sie haben die Möglichkeit vorest nur das erste Semeste zu bezahlen und eine Scheck für das zweite zu hinterlegen.

Die Deutsche Sprachschule bemüht Sich um Spenden, um Schulgebühren minimal zu halten.

Schulgelder können jetzt von der Steuer abgeschrieben werden.

Wir werden für jede freiwillige Spende offizielle Empfangsbescheinigungen ausstellen.

Gemeinnützige Org. Reg. # 81166 6940 RR001




Collectively summarized, based on a report by Margret Staeger – founding member of the School.

The mission of the German Language School Loreley (GLS Loreley) is to offer students of the community of Durham Region an opportunity to attend comprehensive German language lessons and develop conversational skills embedded with cultural awareness. Students of any background without previous language knowledge can enrol but student age is currently limited from Kindergarten to Grade 8, there is some provision for students until Grade 12 to enrol.

The German Language School was founded more than 50 years ago. There have been many difficult times in the past. We should be thankful to all the teachers, parents, and students for helping the school during 50 years of history. The professional success of many of our former students demonstrates the importance of our contribution to their development.

After World War II and the terrible destruction of Europe, many immigrants coming to Canada were signed by hardship of the past and tried to find a better life in the new country. Immigrants coming from the German speaking parts of Europe settled also in Oshawa. When they had children, the wish came about to have their children educated in their native language as well as preserving the traditional and cultural values. In May 1955 the Club Loreley in Oshawa was founded. Soon people were hearing in Toronto the children have a German School. The members of the Club Loreley knew now that was exactly what they wanted.

In 1960 on a hot summer's day in the Ukrainian Hall (Bloor / Simcoe St) 35 determined adults, willing to use any means possible established the German Language School in Oshawa but still many things had to be organized until lessons could start. The German Consulate Toronto provided the textbooks and the Oshawa Board of Education allowed to rent out basement rooms of the old King Street School for a small price. In September 1960 started the school with 43 students and 2 teachers.

Already in winter 1961 the school moved to the newly built Club building on Dean Ave.The number of students enrolled grew to 71. Therefore 3 classrooms had been required. Even the Club's kitchen and storage rooms had been improvised to accommodate classrooms.

In 1978 the Board of Education approved the outlines of the German Classes and curriculum of classes was now recognized as per general standards. Growing student enrolment to 115 in 1984 made it necessary for the school to move to the Central Collegiate Institute. For the first time students and teachers could enjoy real classrooms. In 1989 the heritage language program was enhanced by credit classes 10, 11 and OAC.

In 2005 the GLS Loreley was registered as a not for profit charitable organization and has since operated independently at the new location of the Immanuel Christian School in Oshawa. The GLS Loreley continuously improves the quality of teaching, instructors attend regular professional development and continuous education activities. We rely heavily on volunteers to maintain and improve the school and its operations. The school is associated with Canadian Association of German Language School and receives some funding from the German Consulate Toronto. Student registration fees and donations mostly fund the school. Cultural events are part of the curriculum to underline German traditions and awareness such as Christmas, Carnivals and Year End Party

Let's all hope that the German Language School will continue to serve the citizens of Durham for a long time, to keep the German Heritage alive.


Christine Dejan


2013/2014 Children's School Year Schedule
Saturdays from 9:00 a.m to 11:30 a.m
at the Immanuel Christian School
849 Rossland Rd. W, Oshawa
Calendar 2013
Kalender 2013