Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Name  Position Phone
Angelika Koepp Membership Treasurer and Bartender Bar 2 905-728-9221
Brian Dimock President 905-723-5435
Chris Fleischmann Newspaper Editor
Christine Dejan Language School 905-576-9065
Club Loreley President - Brian Dimock 905-728-9221
Edwin Albrecht Immediate Past President 905-579-6803
Ernst Stader Soccer events planner 905-728-9221
Ernst Stader Soccer Chairperson 905-576-8664
Karl vom Dorff Website 905-373-1945
Lori Pflanzer Hall Rental and Chairperson of Alpine Dancers 905-809-8817
Otto Heller Chairperson of Loreley Singers (905)728-1045
Peter Biller Chairperson of Rifle Association 905-697-1044
Schenay Schank Vice President of Administration/Director of Promotions and Events
Trevor Foreman Chef/Caterer 905-259-2723