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Karneval Group - History

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More info about Karneval can be found at the German-Canadian Mardi Gras Association .


In 1973, The Board of Club Loreley asked several members to form a Karneval group. This later became know as the "1st KG Loreley Karneval Group ". Hubert Adebar, Peter Stenz and Walter Drews volunteered, and the First Karneval Group was founded. The appointed members of the council of eleven were, Messrs. H. Adebar, E. Harm, P. Stenz, W. Drews, J. Staeger, P. Mueller, A. Schatz, N. Key, E. Rathmann, G. Seide and R. Rocker.

On November 11th. The first Karneval, with the crowning of the Karneval Prince and Princess, and the take over of the city of Oshawa took place. Many others followed, like hobo ball, royal ball, and ash Wednesday were the highlights.

Also in 1973, the Youth Dance Group was founded by Guenther Burghardt to perform dances at the October fest. Soon the Dance Group was representing Club Loreley at the Fanfare (now Fiesta Week), and outside functions. Then the newly established Karneval Group approached the Youth Dancers to form a Funken Garde. This goal was achieved through willpower and persistence. Since then, the Karneval Group had its own Funken Garde. Their performance spread through the community, and very soon one invitation followed the other. They performed at the International Plowing Matches, the Softball Organization of Canada, our own Club functions, and the Dancing Tournament of Blue-Silver in Toronto just to mention a few!

In 1977, the Senior dance Group took part in the Maneuver Ball in Kitchener for the first time. In 1978, Hans Torok took over the leadership and the Group grew to include Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors. Members such as dance instructors Sharon and Brian Smart, directors Hilde Schmid & Helga Rudolph, Ossi Sponer and Gertrud Stenz put so much effort into it to make them successful.

In 2000, due to a waning number of members, the Karneval group merged with Youth Dancers forming the KG Loreley/Youth Dancers. Today the Karneval Group is lead by president Holly Henninger. With the increased participation in BDKK activities, lead primarily by Holly Henninger and Tammi de Lima, Club Loreley is again seeing large turnouts at their annual Karneval Dance in January.