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Serve coffee and homemade cakes at membership meetings; donations are appreciated. Pretzels are sold by our members during Fiesta Week and October Fest. At the Christmas Bazaar, the ladies have Christmas cookies and cakes for sale.

For Memorial Services, we provide a light lunch with coffee and cake at a minimal cost for Club members, served in the Member's Lounge or Main Hall of the Club.

Help on Club events is also provided when needed.


The activities of members' wives started shortly after the founding of the Club in 1955 at the present Odessa Hall on Bloor Street. They took over the work in the kitchen and prepared the first banquet dinner for 130 people.

In 1962 in our own Club building, the Ladies Auxiliary was founded by Margret Staeger. Forty-eight Ladies attended, and Hanna Lehmann was elected leader of the group. Through the years, the group was headed by many of our finest Ladies. At the present time, the Ladies Auxiliary is headed by Marianne Sellick . One of the original members of our group was the late Centa Schatz. Their work and contributions to Club Loreley are very important to our club life. In the beginning, they bought dishes and kitchen utensils, also curtains for the hall and later new stoves. They also took part in many activities, in and outside our club premises. Senior citizens were entertained at the Club during Sunday afternoons, coffee and home baked cakes for all meetings. Christmas Parties for the children were financed by the Ladies Auxiliary, as well as bazaars, bake and rummage sales, picnics, and they are active at every October fest. However, it is not just work, the group enjoys many happy hours. They have their own Christmas parties, pool parties and other special evenings.