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Loreley Singers - History

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In April of 1975 members of the German-Canadian Club Loreley in Oshawa got together to form a Choir. In May 36 people met for the first practice and choose the name ”Loreley Singers” for their mixed choir. The first conductor was Kurt Heyman. Mr. Heyman gave the singers some elementary training in preparation for their first Christmas Conzert in 1975.One Year later, Mr. Ross Cotton, a well known, music teacher and conductor in Durham Region, took over as conductor. Under his leadership the Choir participated in the Kiwanis Music Festivals in Oshawa and in the Oshawa Folkart Concerts.

In 1978 the Choir joined the German- Canadian Choir Association and took part in many Music Festivals in Windsor, London, Stratford, Hamilton, Kitchener, Brampton, Toronto, St.Catharines, Montreal and Ottawa under the musical direction of Ross Cotton. In 1986 the “Loreley Singers” and their conductor Ross Cotton went on tour to Germany and a visit to the “ Loreley Cliff” on the river Rhein. The Choir gave concerts in Kehl am Rhein, in Bellheim/Pfalz, Nagold, Essen and Balve. Ross Cotton’s daughter Monika traveled with the Choir and sang as soloist. 

From 1992 till December 2003 Mr. George Zaduban took on the directing of the choir. Mr. Zaduban studied classical music in Budapest, Hungaria at the “Nazional Musik Konservatorium” under Ferenc Gergely and Zoltan Kodaly. He came to Canada in 1956 and continued to work in his chosen field of music. For a while Mr. Zaduban directed the “Toronto Symphony Orchestra” as a second conductor. He was instrumental in building the “Kodaly Dance Ensemble”, in creating several choirs, and he started the Hungarian School at the St. Elisabeth Church in Toronto. Where he also was a very well liked Kantor and Organist. Mr. Zaduban died unexpectedly on December 29. 2003. He will be sadly missed by all, but especially by the Loreley Singers.

In June 2003 members of the “Loreley Singers” took part in a tour of the German-Canadian Choir Association to Austria and Germany. The highlight of this trip was the participation of the 20th Choir Festival with the German Choir Association from 19th to 22nd of June in Berlin. The combined Choirs gave a very successful concert in the Auditorium Maximum of the Humboldt University under the direction of Alvin Reimer (London). Since February 2004 Monica Cotton is the musical director of the Choir. In September 2005 Choir members participated in a Tour of the Czech republic and Hungary organized by the German Canadian Choir Association.